Saturday 31st July 1993

Today we did nothing much.  We played Battle Ships in the afternoon.  We called ours Space Ships.  Me and Adam won because Adam cheated twice and I cheated six times.  Me and Adam had ten strikes each.  I drew 15 planets Nina drew 9.

I’m sure my parents hoped that as the eldest I would set my siblings a good example in life.  Instead I taught them how to cheat and took advantage of the fact that Nina is four and half years younger than me and screwed her over!  I don’t remember making this game but I have always been a fan of board games and winding my sister up, although possibly not in that order.  Poor Nina has been very long-suffering and it’s a surprise she still talks to me.  

Mum used to help Nina when we played Scrabble so she stood a fighting chance but  Monopoly frequently ended in a paddy.  I used to hide money under the board or in my lap so Nina would think she was winning, or at least not losing, and then I’d suddenly produce hundreds of pounds and buy the properties she needed.   Then when she realised she’d just pack it all up mid-game and that was the end of that!

Another game that used to annoy her was Frustration which she pronounced Frusteration and the whole injustice of the game made her cry on occasion.  The whole principle of the game was that if you landed on another player’s piece you could make them return to the beginning.  I’m sure she thought I was just being unnecessarily mean!  I certainly didn’t look like the evil/demented child on the front of the box though!