Thursday 29th July 1993

Today we went in to town to buy my dads birthday presents we brought him a watch which was really nice.  We spent ages in the Body Shop looking for something else.  Adventually we brought an orange flannel an orange soap and fuzzy peach bath lotion.  We had dinner in Macdonalds we ate in the blondie park and there were some men who scared me.  We went to Queens Park and saw lots of fishes.  We did some shopping and came home.

I don’t know if my Dad particularly wanted to smell like a fuzzy peach – it hardly strikes me as a masculine scent.  This might be one of those cases where I bought something that I secretly wanted myself.  Maybe I had my eye on the watch too?  No, that’s not likely, I couldn’t tell the time at 10, I still struggle now!

Once again I’m complaining about being scared of something.  I don’t remember spending my childhood in a perpetual state of anxiety and fear, I think maybe I was trying to add some drama and tension to my life story.  The Blondini Park was what we sometimes called the rocks which were outside McDonalds in Swindon Town Centre – an area where the drunks used to congregate and obviously scare small children. 

You can see a photo of the Blondini statue being unveiled in 1987 on the excellent flickr site from the Swindon Collection at Central Library:

I only ever remember it looking bashed about and covered in graffiti and this is probably closer to what it looked like in 1993:

The Link Magazine explains how the statue came to be there in first place:

In 2005 the rocks and Blondini statue were removed, a giant television screen stuck on the side of the car park and the drunks moved around the corner to Fleming Way.  Swindon Borough Council proudly declared the area revamped and named it Wharf Green (there’s no wharf/quay/docks/shipyards/water – and people say the Council doesn’t have a sense of humour).