Tuesday 3rd August 1993

Today we went to the play scheme up at the farm.  I hung around with Rosa today.  I like Rosa.  I did clay first I made a snake.  Then I did five wholemeal bread buns with Andrea in the house.  I had dinner with Rosa.  Then in the afternoon I made biscuits.  At quarter to three we tidied up and play parachutes in the front garden.  We rolled the parachute up so much then we bumped people on it.  Then Sarah gave us all a biscuit then we went home.  It was fun at Lower Shaw Farm. We’re going to the farm tomorrow.  I want to do juggling and paint my snake tomorrow.

I kept the clay snake for years but eventually it started to crumble, the tail snapped off and it ended up in the bin.  It’s one of the few things I’ve actually thrown away as I take after my Mum in the hoarding stakes.  I only recently threw away a pot which contained teeth I had removed when I was 12 but I still have the wisdom tooth I had removed early this year! 


I’m not obsessed with teeth I hasten to add, I just like keeping hold of things.  I have nearly every birthday card I’ve ever been given, a shoebox full of bookmarks which I’ve been collecting since I was six, several old mobile phones and at least 50 balls of yarn.  I have eclectic taste to say the least.

I’m not in touch with Rosa but I know that she is now a successful entrepreneur running her own business Rosa Bloom ‘a travelling boutique which tours the UK festival circuit each summer, with its quirky collection of circus, burlesque, theatrical, vintage-inspired costumes, clothing, and accessories!  This online shop brings you a little taster of the finest treats from the Bloom collections. Everything contained within is exclusively designed by Rosa Bloom, and made by tailors and artisans in Bali, Indonesia, where Rosa Bloom works one-on-one with the producers, ensuring fairly-traded goods, made to a high level of detailed workmanship.’  http://www.rosabloom.bigcartel.com/

She channelled her eccentricities into a business, I’m just headed for crazy cat lady status at some point!


About Leah

Unapologetic feminist, wannabe time traveller, sometime suffragette, bookworm, mother, aspiring writer, proficient procrastinator

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