Monday 2nd August 1993

Today it was my dads birthday.  We got up and gave him our presents.  Then we rang the play scheme people.  And now we’re going to the farm on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We went to Town Gardens it was fun.  We saw an avairy it was lovely.

I’ve never been keen on early mornings so it shows how much I love my Dad that I got up at 7.25am during the holidays.  Although how reliable that is I don’t know as I couldn’t really tell the time until I was at secondary school.  I also had trouble with my shoelaces.  What I lacked in practical skills I made up for with a creative flair.  My Mum says I’m special.

Lower Shaw Farm in West Swindon played an important role in our childhood.  Nina went to kindergarten there, Adam used to play on the rope swing in the barn and we all went to the summer play scheme when we could afford it.  The Farm website notes: ‘Once home to seventy black and white cows, the farm is now a 3-acre oasis in an area of suburban development. It is run as a co-operative by residents Andrea, Matt, and a phenomenal team of helpers from near and far. Its outbuildings have been converted to meeting rooms, dormitories, and workshops. With its large vegetable, herb, and flower gardens, its shrubs and trees, its puddles and ponds, hens and ducks, black and white sheep, friendly pigs, and unspoilt areas for play and exploration, the farm has developed an atmosphere and character of its own. Its outer ramshackle appearance masks an inner order and warmth. It’s sort of wild, welcoming, and very nice!’

It really is very beautiful and still has children’s activity days along with cooking courses, yoga, crafts and Festival of Literature events, do visit if you can!



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