Sunday 1st August 1993

Today we did nothing much. Me, Nina and Adam played a game with the dolls.  We pretended to live in Miami, and we all put our swimming cossies on.  Then Nina went out with Claire and Emma.  Adam went out with Damon.  I was left on my own to watch EastEnders.  During EastEnders I had the idea of making a thertre.  I found a box and sorted out some card.  I got a book to write the plays in, and then Nina, Claire and Emma came in the back garden.  I went out and Adam tied me to the swing.  I came in for a bath.  Then after the story we wrapped my dads presents.

I think I may have had too high expectations for the summer holiday as I did a lot of complaining about the lack of anything to do.  My imagination obviously knew no bounds though – I’ve never been to Miami and I can’t swim but in my fantasy world all things were possible!  However, my favourite bit of this diary entry has to be the illustration of the swing and ropes I was tied up with.  Adam was briefly in the Boy’s Brigade but his knot skills can’t have been up to much as I evidently escaped without any help as my Mum doesn’t remember this.

Ever one for a bit of amateur dramatics I mentioned ‘I was left on my own’ and then proceeded to make a theatre although I’m not entirely sure what I achieved.  It can’t have been a full size replica of Walford, or even Albert Square, as it was only a crisp box and some bits of cardboard.  Blue Peter had a lot to answer for making it look so easy but I don’t think you could build a whole set from some loo rolls and sticky-back plastic.


Unfortunately there is no photographic evidence of what I actually created but it probably looked a lot like the photo above.  Probably.


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