Friday 30th July 1993

Today Adam went ice skating.  Our plan was to go ice skating then while Adam was skating I was supposed to go in the library.  But are plans were mixed up and we had a chippie in the park.  But I still got to go in the library.  When Adam went ice skating it was a disco.  I had a drink.

A non-alcoholic drink I hastened to add.  Possibly Orangina.  I loved that when I was a kid but it was pretty expensive.  I had some recently for a special occasion – it was horrible.  I think it was around this time that my Mum decided to ban my brother from drinking coke.  I don’t know if it was the sugar or the cocktail of E numbers but he used to get really horrible when he’d had coke and Mum got sick of the arguments.  (If I ever become famous I’m going to re-write that sentence to remove the reference to drinking coke and make it sound like he had a drug habit at 8, otherwise this diary is not going to cut it alongside other celebrity memoirs.) 

I quite liked it when the ice-skating was a disco, for a start they turned the lights down and put the coloured spotlights on, that made it more difficult for people to see me falling over!

Someone there had their finger on the musical pulse if my drawing accurately reflects one of the song choices – who doesn’t like Billy Ray Cyrus?!  


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