Wednesday 28th July 1993

Today we went to the park behind Dillons where I met Fiona and Donna.  Fiona and Donna found a hedgehog and called it Fido, Fiona Fi and Donna Do.  It was trapped in the park and I had to get someone to get it out.  And Fiona and Donna were in a right mood.  Then I started to make a grass house, I did the two bedrooms and the tolit and the landing.  Then Kim came and interrupted and we left the house alone.

I give up!  Any attempt to make myself sound even vaguely cool will always fail because my diary outs me as a strange little geek with an amazing ability to wind people up! 

Goodness knows why I felt I had to get someone to rescue the hedgehog and ruin everyone’s fun.  I don’t even know who I went to get – a random passer-by?  That must have been an odd conversation.  I hope the hedgehog appreciated the sacrifices I made for it and went on to live a long and happy life. 

After I ruined their morning I then proceeded to make a grass house – did I learn nothing from the tale of the three little pigs?  Maybe I was aiming for something like this but my ambition outstripped my ability.



About Leah

Organiser for the Swindon Suffragette project team along with Historian Frances Bevan (Swindon in the Past Lane blog). Partners with Swindon Heritage magazine.

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