Tuesday 27th July 1993

We went ice skating today.  My mum met her friend there.  I liked the look of Dawn (my mums friends daughter) but she didn’t seem to want to know me.  I came off the rink half way through.  Because the teenagers kept wizzing in front of me and I didn’t like it.  We had dinner in the Red Baloon restaurant.  It was O.K.

I really do paint myself as a bit of a Billy No Mates in my diary which I don’t think is completely accurate.  Oh, ok, maybe it is!  I spent the summer either reading or writing in my diary so it’s no surprise no-one wanted to play with me.  I bet Samuel Pepys was exactly the same.  Anyway, I don’t even remember Dawn now so to quote Alan Partridge ‘needless to say I had the last laugh’. 

My brother loved ice-skating and hated reading so I think we went skating after the library as compensation.  I was hopeless as I have very little sense of balance, I still manage to fall out of bed on occasion.  My fear of slipping over on the ice-rink has now turned into a general fear of slipping over on the ice during winter.  This is a very serious fear, I even asked me Dad to look in the back of the Sunday papers for those adverts for those spikey things to put over your shoes – like this:

Sometimes I think my parents must despair of me!


About Leah

Organiser for the Swindon Suffragette project team along with Historian Frances Bevan (Swindon in the Past Lane blog). Partners with Swindon Heritage magazine.

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