Tuesday 27th July 1993

We went ice skating today.  My mum met her friend there.  I liked the look of Dawn (my mums friends daughter) but she didn’t seem to want to know me.  I came off the rink half way through.  Because the teenagers kept wizzing in front of me and I didn’t like it.  We had dinner in the Red Baloon restaurant.  It was O.K.

I really do paint myself as a bit of a Billy No Mates in my diary which I don’t think is completely accurate.  Oh, ok, maybe it is!  I spent the summer either reading or writing in my diary so it’s no surprise no-one wanted to play with me.  I bet Samuel Pepys was exactly the same.  Anyway, I don’t even remember Dawn now so to quote Alan Partridge ‘needless to say I had the last laugh’. 

My brother loved ice-skating and hated reading so I think we went skating after the library as compensation.  I was hopeless as I have very little sense of balance, I still manage to fall out of bed on occasion.  My fear of slipping over on the ice-rink has now turned into a general fear of slipping over on the ice during winter.  This is a very serious fear, I even asked me Dad to look in the back of the Sunday papers for those adverts for those spikey things to put over your shoes – like this:

Sometimes I think my parents must despair of me!


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Unapologetic feminist, wannabe time traveller, sometime suffragette, bookworm, mother, aspiring writer, proficient procrastinator

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