Monday 26th July 1993

Today we went to Lydiard Park.  We had to go through the subway and it looks quite nice.  It’s not finished yet but most is done.  When we arrived we had a picnic under a tree. Then we played tennis.  We went in the park it was packed.  I didn’t play at first when we got to the Tarzan Trail I brightened up.  I can go over the monkey bars now.  There were some girls on the slide, who got right up my nose.  They kept putting sand on the slide.  We went in the shop and me and Adam brought an eyeball (an eyeball is chewing gum).  Nina brought a sweet necklace and broke it.  So she brought a packet of sweets.  Me and Adam got a green thing that tasted like fizzy lime.  My mum said ‘yuck’.  We started to walk home and I sketched a gate with trees around it.  Then I had a quick game of tennis with Adam.  We got home put the telly on and then my dad came home.

Another informative diary entry from ten-year-old me.  I was worried future generations would not understand some of my cultural references so explained that an eyeball was chewing gum lest anyone think that in the early 90s children had cannibalistic tendencies.  I had a peculiar turn of phrase for someone so young as ‘I brightened up’ and some girls ‘got right up my nose’.  I think I was born middle aged and in my pre-teens had more in common with pensioners than my peers.

I didn’t feel the need to explain the subway comment as I obviously thought it would speak for itself, turns out I was wrong.  My primary school, Salt Way (since closed) had an artist in residence for a term and her task was to work with the children to design and paint a mural for the underpass/subway.  My Mum remembered that the artist’s name was Marie Brett which I had forgotten although I can clearly picture her.  Unfortunately we can’t find any photos of the finished artwork and just over a year after it was completed it was vandalised and damaged before being removed and painted over in a lovely shade of battleship grey.  Now you’d never know there had been anything there.  The Tarzan Trail, an obstacle course of playground equipment, has also gone as the park was demolished and a new one built nearer to the visitors Centre.

Now I feel really old, that’s my school, my childhood artwork and my playground all disappeared in the past 19 years. 

I’m not a Madonna fan but I remember seeing the film ‘A League of Their Own’ and this was one of the songs on the soundtrack, it was released in 1992 but I think we saw it the following year, seems kind of apt!


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One response to “Monday 26th July 1993

  1. Mary day

    OH. MY. GOD.

    I have so much to say but don’t know where to begin!!! My mind is racing with comments but weirdly, it’s only snorts that are coming out of my mouth!!!

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