Sunday 25th July 1993

Today we never did anything.  We watched Home Alone and then the Simpsons which I don’t get.  We played Hide and Seek then had dinner then had a bath.  I had to go in last.

I love the innocence in my comments about The Simpsons, the jokes went straight over my head so I wasn’t sure if it was funny and if it wasn’t then I wasn’t sure what the point of it was.  As I got older I appreciated the wit and satire but then it kind of went off the boil and I can’t remember the last time I watched it.  I’m generally not that big on cartoons/animation – I hate South Park, Family Guy and American Dad but I did really like Futurama, it must appeal to my inner geek! 

We played Hide and Seek in the house which was quite something as we had a very small three bedroom house.  The main hiding places were behind chairs, under the kitchen table, behind the curtains, in the bath and under beds.  It was usually quite a short lived game and shows we must have been really bored.

Does anyone else remember sharing bathwater with siblings?  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t yellow by the time I got in as we were only ever in there long enough to get vaguely clean – none of us enjoyed baths as kids.  By the time I was a teenager I was spending an hour in there on a Sunday night playing the Top 40 on my radio which had to be pretty loud for me to hear it through the wall – my parents were very long suffering.  When Titanic came out I fell in love with Leonardo DiCaprio and would play the soundtrack through the wall, wallowing in the bath thinking cheery thoughts about drowning with Jack.  As I said, my parents and siblings were very long suffering!


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