My name is Leah Bevan age 10.  My brother Adam age 8.  My sister Nina age 6.  I like reading and writing.  Adam likes swimming and ice skating.  Nina likes reading and playing dolls.  My mum is called Fran she writes for the Star and she’s very good.  She is 40 this year.  My dad is called Steve he works at Davis House and wants to be a probation offersir.  He is 36.  We have two cats.

My name is still Leah Bevan but now I am fast approaching 30.  My brother Adam is now 27 and lives with his girlfriend in Old Town.  My sister Nina is now 25 and lives with her partner in West Swindon.  I still like reading and writing.  Adam doesn’t really go swimming or ice skating any more but has developed a love of reading.  Nina still likes reading but has swapped playing with dolls for bringing up her 5 month old daughter Maysie.  My Mum is a freelance writer currently concentrating on blogging while she waits to be discovered, she’s still very good but would prefer not to think about the fact that she is 59.  My Dad never did become a probation officer but I’m not sure this was ever his ambition, he is now 55.  We have two cats.  But not the same two cats.

My summer holiday project in 1993 was to keep a diary for the six week break.  I don’t remember if there was a reward or prize but I faithfully stuck to recording every detail of life as a ten year-old. 

I’m no Samuel Pepys but it’s an interesting little time capsule of the summer of ’93!


Wednesday 4th August 1993

Today we went to the farm.  I hung about with Megan.  I painted my snake it looks good.  I fed the goats and did the bees with Martin.  I like Chris who did the bees.  In the afternoon I did juggling but I still can’t juggle.  It was fun and I enjoyed being there.

I still can’t juggle.  Says it all really.

A career in information provision was obviously always on the cards as evidenced by comments like ‘I did the bees’.  That’s the kind of stuff people turn to Countryfile and Springwatch for.

Bizarrely (for ten year old me) this was a good day which featured no boredom or persecution.